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Moon & Cloud Ramadan Calendar

Moon & Cloud Ramadan Calendar

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Ramadan is on the horizon. A month to repent from wrong-doings and sin. Let us all find peace this Ramadan. A month which brings hearts to close, eliminates the evil aspect of personality, a month of brotherhood and pure happiness. 

Our Ramadan Mubarak countdown calendars have a milk chocolate behind every door, and with a fun picture on the back to colour in this design is perfect for children.

Useful Stuff

What's inside: 
30 solid milk chocolate mini chunks with crescent moon & star designs.

How big: 

  • 90g
  • 140mm x 70mm x 10mm
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Useful Stuff


90g 140mm x 70mm x 10mm


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Best before: Our products will be delivered with a minimum shelf life of 240 days, that's 8 months to you and me.

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Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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